The Sweet Saga of Chula of Makerra
Chewy's Story

Chewy, like Tommy, is a Korat cat, a natural breed from Thailand that hasn't changed in, oh, six or seven hundred years. We drove down to the Makerra Cattery in Virginia Beach for Chewy because we wanted a cat that was goofy and sweet and smart and secretly believes that he is a Person. From our experience, Korats fit that bill perfectly.

Here's a shot of Chewy and his littermates at the home of Jean Robinson, the dedicated breeder who's done more to protect this threatened cat than anyone else we know. Not too long ago, Jean trekked all the way to Thailand to bring back a Thai Korat to invigorate the American gene pool; the extraordinary cat she brought back to the United States is Chewy's mom.

Kittens playing(25K)


Day 1. First meeting between Chewy and Tommy. Photo not available.

Day 2. "Nuts. It wasn't just a bad dream."

Cats meeting again(23K)

Chewy at Christmas(29K)

Day 3. "We can re-use this bow next year."

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Cats playing(27K)

Cats cleaning(25K)

Day 4. "I don't WANT a bath. I don't I don't I don't!"

Day 5. Friends.

Cats sleeping(27K)

More cats playing(31K)

Day 6. "You take that back."

"No, YOU take that back."

Day 7. "I still miss my mom a little, sometimes."

Chewy alone(15K)

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