May 16, 1998

Dear Readers,

Not possible! Another month has gone by? My new book isn't finished? My newsletter isn't updated? What on earth have I been DOING since April 15 when I last posted?

Well, wringing my hands over whether you'll like A CHARMED PLACE, for one thing. But in the last week and a half it's made a bunch of bestseller lists, and that's why I've left my latest hero and heroine stranded on opposite sides of the country and come back to my website: to thank you. Thank you each and every one. Thank you for reading the book. Thank you for passing it on to your mothers. Thank you for passing it on to your daughters. Thank you. I love this book (as anyone who's visited here knows). No one on earth is happier than I am that you're enjoying it too.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words (so will someone tell me why I'm a writer instead of a photographer?). The first photograph I'm including this month says it all: an empty display at the Waldenbooks in Warwick Mall in Rhode Island.

My husband and I drove down to the bookstore through torrential rain so that I could see one of my books actually featured in its own display (hey, I'm not Nora Roberts. I look at a display of my book the way the matchstick girl might look at a wedding cake.) But the book sold out in a few days and voila! All that remained was the carton. I am not (repeat, not) complaining, mind you. Look at my face. Do I look miserable?

A Charmed Place dump(8K)
2 cats using computer(10K) This next photograph is proof positive why I never get any work done. Look at the cats. Do they look concerned that I can't see my work? Yeah, right. That's Tommy, about to knock Tiki off the monitor, after which he'll chase her back and forth over my lap eleven times, after which they'll both stand in the doorway and howl. That means, it's teatime. Come along, and bring our play mice. Now.
The third photo is of Tommy. I believe I've already written that he knows how to read (see my Christmas newsletter, wherein I mentioned that he was able to read the tag on his present and tried to unwrap the ribbon with his teeth). In this photograph, he's hard at work trying to open the pages of the latest issues of Romantic Times Magazine. (The one on the right has a mention of me. He's very conscientious about keeping up with my career.) 1 cat reading(9K)

So there you have it. News from a hostage being held in her house with two stir-crazy Korats until she makes her deadline. Wish me luck.

All the best,

Antoinette Stockenberg

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