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A Month at the Shore

"An addictive, captivating story of love, family and trust."
-- Romance Reviews Today

He was her childhood knight in shining armor ... but she wasn't a fairytale princess.
Kendall Barclay III was a skinny, nerdy kid when he single-handedly took on a gang of bullies assaulting Laura Shore, a thirteen-year-old girl from the town's most notorious family. The childhood trauma became one more reason for Laura to flee the small Cape Cod town for the opposite coast and make a name for herself there. But now her tyrannical father is dead, her murderous uncle as well, and her beloved sister Corinne wants Laura and their black-sheep brother to come home and restore Shore Gardens, the family nursery fallen to rack and ruin, back to its former charm.

Reluctantly, they promise Corinne one month. One month, for Laura to face down past memories which are anything but fond and to come to terms with the wild range of feelings she has for the man who is no longer either skinny or nerdy.It's a daunting assignment -- made more so when a shocking discovery is made on the nursery grounds.Have knights in shining armor gone out of fashion? Laura will soon find out.

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Reviews for A Month at the Shore

"An intriguing mystery and a beautiful romance makes this a perfect book to curl up with on those coming winter days."
Missy Andrews
Romance Junkies

"A MONTH AT THE SHORE is a most enjoyable contemporary romance. Stockenberg has created an interesting cast of characters, provides a most satisfactory romance, and integrates the suspense element seamlessly into her story. This is a perfect book for a summer day -- or any other day, for that matter ."
Jean Mason
The Romance Reader (read the full review)

"An addictive novel that draws the reader in from the very first page. The characters are extremely sympathetic and believable .... An all-around excellent read, A MONTH AT THE SHORE is enthralling. To be placed on your must-read pile immediately. Don't miss out on this captivating story of love, family, and trust. "
Astrid Kinn
Romance Reviews Today

"[A] superb book ...a rich tapestry of complex emotions ... guaranteed to hold the readers immersed and interested. Fulfilling. "
Rashmi Srinivas
The Road to Romance

"The writing and emotional pull [is] finely drawn out .... The plot [has] just the right amount of intrigue, suspense, and a wonderfully sensual romance as the inspired hero does his best to become that knight in shining armor. The villain is a surprise twist to the mystery of the murder. Set in a wonderful local ... you will truly enjoy A MONTH AT THE SHORE. "
Marilyn Rondeau
Contemporary Romance Writers review site (read the full review)

"I enjoyed this savvy, sexy novel with its twists and turns. The dialog is natural and witty and the characters jump off the page. If you like a good mystery, with murder, revenge, insanity and tantalizing sexual play, you'll enjoy this book. "
Shayne Sawyer
The Best Reviews (courtesy of Old Book Barn Gazette) (read the full review)

Ten Stars!
"Fans will enjoy this summer romance. Enjoyable characters ... a wannabe knight in shining armor ... [and] a murder mystery provide a strong tale of a family in trouble. "
Harriet Klausner
AllReaders.Com (read the full review)

"This is a must read. It will keep you guessing throughout and you will be shocked to find out just who is the murderer. Don't pass this one up! "
Hope Richardson
About Romance Fiction

"Dark secrets never seem to remain buried, and that's certainly the case in this complex tale. As always, the talented Stockenberg delivers interesting characters whose lives are never simple. "
Jill M. Smith
Romantic Times