Beyond Midnight(14K)

Beyond Midnight

"Full of charm and wit, Stockenberg's latest is truly enthralling"
--Publishers Weekly

Salem. Will history repeat itself?
In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts was the setting for the infamous persecution of innocents accused of witchcraft. Three centuries later, little has changed. Helen Evett, widowed mother of two and owner of a prestigious preschool in town, finds her family, her fortunes, and her life's work threatened -- all because she feels driven to protect the sweet three-year-old daughter of a man who knows everything about finance but not so much about fathering. Helen's feelings toward little Katie's handsome father are decidedly mixed, and it will take more than knocks in the night, perfumed air, and bone-chilling cold to convince her otherwise.

Nathaniel Byrne is willing to consider Helen's advice and help. But he does it grudgingly, because the woman is by far the most determined, pushy force he's ever encountered. Recently widowed, tormented by the circumstances, and at sea about being a single parent, Nat is not inclined to hand over his daughter to just any preschool -- not when he has an accomplished, London-trained nanny who's more than willing to help make those decisions with him.

And the nanny herself? Peaches Bartholemew is as clever as she is beautiful, as efficient as she is soothing. Peaches can do anything. The trick, for Nat's dead wife, will be to keep her from doing it.

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"Stockenberg's special talent is blending the realistic details of contemporary women's fiction with the spooky elements of paranormal romance. So believable are her characters, so well-drawn her setting, so subtle her introduction of the paranormal twist, that you buy into the experience completely. ... BEYOND MIDNIGHT has a terrific plot, a wicked villain and a sexy hero. But the novel ventures beyond sheer entertainment and it is easy to see why Stockenberg's work has won such acclaim."

The Milwaukee Journal

"Full of charm and wit, Stockenberg's latest paranormal romance is truly enthralling."

Publishers Weekly

"An engrossing, well-written story that should keep readers captivated to the end."

Library Journal

"When it comes to unique, eerie and engrossing tales of supernatural suspense, author Antoinette Stockenberg is in a league of her own. BEYOND MIDNIGHT is a gripping and chilling page-turner outlining two families' courageous battle against an insidious evil with a charming face. Outstanding reading!"

Romantic Times Magazine
4 1/2 Stars

"Antoinette Stockenberg creates another winner with this fast-paced and lively contemporary romance with a touch of the supernatural thrown in to make an interesting storyline even more exciting. BEYOND MIDNIGHT is reminiscent of Karen Robards' works of romantic suspense, a definite award winner ... contemporary romance at its best."

Affaire de Coeur
Five stars

"BEYOND MIDNIGHT, meticulously researched and detailed, brings Salem and its history to striking life. Antoinette Stockenberg, a premiere voice in paranormal, gives us yet another keeper."

Romance Forever

"An excellent blend of love, family life, murder, suspense, and history that will thoroughly entertain the reader."


"[The] characters are utterly believable, as is the manner in which they ask themselves where this world ends and the next one ... begins. This second chance at love story is ultimately satisfying, mystically entertaining, and a perfect book to take along to the beach."

The Time Machine
( Book Rack, Lodi, CA)

"Holds your attention ... if you're in the mood for a little spine tingling, this is for you."

Belles and Beaux of Romance