Emilyıs Ghost(14K)

Emily's Ghost

RITA Award Winner

EMILY'S GHOST is a RITA award-winning novel filled with humor, passion, and profound emotion -- a classic of the genre that will appeal to fans of Nora Roberts, Barbara Freethy, and Carla Neggers.

A SHOWDOWN between a U.S. Senator who believes in ghosts and a reporter who doesn't. What could possibly go wrong?

Emily Bowditch is a skeptical, tightfisted Boston reporter who's determined to expose aristocratic Senator Lee Alden's fascination with psychic events and his willingness to waste taxpayer dollars to fund research in it.

Plan A is to gain his confidence by convincing him that she has psychic powers. That flops. Plan B is to accompany the sexy, widowed young senator to a seance and write an expose about it. As seances go, not much happens, despite the disturbing, electrifying tension in the room. It's not until Emily is back in her tiny Boston condo that she realizes she hasn't come home alone. Fergus O'Malley, a handsome 19th century scoundrel hanged for a murder he swears he didn't commit, needs someone to clear him of the crime. Emily, apparently, is it.

And so begins a hair-raising odyssey full of twists and turns and danger on both sides of the veil as Emily tries to navigate between senator and ghost and her growing feelings for both.

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"Readers looking for highly original and emotionally rich reading will find this outstanding contemporary novel a veritable feast for the senses ... Ms. Stockenberg eschews even the slightest cliche as her spirited heroine sorts through her confused feelings while she pieces together the puzzle of a century-old murder. The result is pure and unadulterated reading pleasure."

Romantic Times Magazine
4 1/2 Stars

"This is a lively, exciting, sexy story with a hero I'd vote for anytime. Even the ghost is dynamic and attractive."

Affaire de Coeur
4 1/2 Stars

"Booksellers' recommended read."

Publishers Weekly

"EMILY'S GHOST is great fun. It's a witty, entertaining,romantic read that has everything, including a lively ghost, an old murder mystery and a charming romance. Antoinette Stockenberg is a fresh, engaging voice in romantic fiction. She is sure to find a wide audience."

Jayne Ann Krentz

"I loved EMILY'S GHOST. It's an exciting story with a surprise plot twist"

Jude Deveraux

"It's one of the best [books] I've read in a long time."

Denise Little, B. Dalton

"An engaging heroine, a sexy senator, and a rapscallion ghost make EMILY'S GHOST an irresistible read."

Susan Elizabeth Phillips