May/June 2001

Hi, everyone,

Here we are, getting ready to roll into summer. The reason I know that? Because I'll be writing nights and Sundays (and, needless to say, Memorial Day Weekend) as I count the days to the deadline on the latest book. You would think that someone who loves Spring and gardening as much as I do would manage her schedule better than that. You would think.

In the meantime, TIDEWATER should be hitting the shelves at the end of May. If you've read the first chapter, posted elsewhere on this site, then you've probably noticed that the tone of TIDEWATER is darker and more dramatic than some of my other books. Remember the movie GASLIGHT with Ingrid Bergman, in which she's convinced that she's going mad? TIDEWATER is my take on that theme. I've raised the stakes considerably in my version, but I've tried to include some trademark light and very romantic moments as well. In fact, the books includes a love scene which is the favorite of anything I've written so far.

And now a bit about the book in progress. Wish I could give you a title, but that's not set in stone yet. The new book isn't as sinister as TIDEWATER (thank goodness; two of those in a row would make me a physical wreck). But it's still deeply emotional and it plays on a theme which has always fascinated me: how money changes people. In the new book, a man is part of an office pool that's won big (very, very big) playing Powerball. So now what? Sell the house, ditch the car, dump the wife and live high on the hog?

Not exactly. I can say with complete assurance that absolutely nothing in the new book goes according to the characters' plans. That's what's making it so interesting to write. I'll post a bit more when my editor and I have settled on a title. It feels goofy calling it "the new book" in every other line.

Meantime, photos. Only two this newsletter. (Hey, I don't get out much at this time of deadline.) Here's one of Tommy, napping in a sunny chair in the attic and waiting patiently for me to get done with my writing for the day so that we can play.

Tommy sacked out(26K)

Garden spot(21K)

And here's one of a quiet, shady corner in my yard, hidden from the neighbors by a winterberry bush but with a view of our entire garden. It's a magical spot, and someone always seems to have a book in his hands there.

Happy reading, happy gardening, and enjoy the long, light, lazy days of the very best time of the year.

Warm wishes,

Antoinette Stockenberg

TIDEWATER, June 2001

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