December 2001

Dear Readers,

Can it possibly be December?

I've spent the past hour gathering summer photos to include in this newsletter, but they look a little too exuberant, a little out of place, spread across my desk. I think this year I'll pass.

There is one photo that I do want to include, though, because it's a shot of the two cats aboard our boat in late summer. Tiki is eyeing that comfortable berth below where she liked to snooze. Tommy is eyeing the ducks that had come begging.

Two cats on boat(14K)

Sadly, it's the last I'll be able to include of the two cats together: we lost beautiful Tiki to cancer last week. She began to fade in October, and November was a wrenching effort to maintain some quality in her life. Until the next-to-last day, she was able to snuggle with Tommy (and clean him up, since she's always spoiled him that way). And until that next-to-last day, she enjoyed her evening curled up on my husband's lap while he read the paper and watched the news.


But when she no longer wanted to do either, we knew it was time. Her health had always been fragile at best, but she was plucky and unbelievably affectionate (she had originally been discovered wandering after some kids in a playground before being turned in to the shelter). She was both mother and sister to Tommy, and her demand for our affection was absolute. The place seems so empty without her.

Goodbye, sweet Tik. Fair winds.

On second thought, let me add one last photo. It was taken from our roof deck by my brother-in-law (yes, the whole gang came out again, and again we had a wonderful time together). I like this shot because it reminds me that the same glorious sun that warmed us all on those lazy evenings will warm us once again. This winter will pass, as all things must.


In this season of recovery and renewal, please accept my deepest wishes for peace and serenity, and for the safety of loved ones both here and abroad.

Warm wishes,

Antoinette Stockenberg

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