Summer 2003

Dear readers,

After a winter of relentless snow and a spring of relentless rain, anyone living in New England is ready, willing and aching for a little sun, a little warmth. I'm stocking up on summer reading, but some actual summer would be nice to go with it, for Pete's sake.

The perfect spot to read ... if it weren't always raining.

Chewy & Tommy(17K)

And speaking of summer reading: my latest book, A MONTH AT THE SHORE , will be out in early August, just in time for that trip to the beach. After writing two novels in a row that featured heroines who were (or thought they were) married, I've returned to a favorite theme of mine: childhood friends who go their separate ways in life and then get thrown together in circumstances that are anything but ideal. In A MONTH AT THE SHORE, Laura comes home to Cape Cod to help her sister and brother try to save the family nursery.

A noble plan, an ambitious plan, and -- if it weren't for the body in the compost pile -- a perfectly doable plan.

The discovery turns the seaside village inside-out and Laura's emotions upside-down. It doesn't help the situation that she has issues with Ken Barclay that go back to the eighth grade. The process of learning to trust and then to love is as challenging as a sail to windward on Buzzard's Bay, but you know what? The ride itself will turn out to be a lot of fun.

So. August! The book will be out, and family will be here. There's lots to do. We have to upgrade the boogie boards (the kids are getting bigger), get all the bikes in working order, lay in extra Pringles aboard the boat, and somehow convince Tommy to come out from under the bed to be petted. As for Chewy, he'll be new to many of the guests. (I have to remember to warn them to hide their car keys and their watches.) See the photo of the two cats perched on top of the kitchen cupboards? Chewy likes to take a leap from up there onto your shoulder as you pass by. Think flying squirrel, and you've pretty much got the idea.

Ah, yes. It's going to be an interesting visit.

Garden(55K) Chewy, left, gauging the distance and velocity to land on me without shredding my silk blouse.

Have a great summer, everyone! Warm wishes,

Antoinette Stockenberg

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