Winter, 2003-2004

Dear Readers,

I think I've just topped my own record of tardiness in updating my newsletter. Boy. What have I been doing these past few months?

Well, taking a little break, for one thing. Our summer with family was wonderfully refreshing, and now I'm actually excited about the new book I'm working on. (I've always assumed that I was the out-of-sight-out-of-mind type, as far as writing is concerned. Turns out that I'm the absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder type. Who knew?)

On the writing front, I'd like you to know how very much I've enjoyed your e-mails on my most recent book, A MONTH AT THE SHORE . I was so pleased to learn that the book struck a chord with you. The relationships between family and friends are a huge theme in my books, and that's not ever going to change. It's what I do.

So! Here we are, with another holiday season upon us. Despite all of our fears and all of our anxieties, it seems to me that there is, this year, just a bit more joy tip-toeing back into our lives. I see it most of all in the children--who're surely taking their cues from their parents, aren't they? My heartfelt wishes for a safe and happy new year go, not only to the grown-ups, but to the children: if we give them comfort, they will give us joy. It's a wonderful trade.

Here's a photo that says what it meant to me to be a kid: getting that one most wished-for present--in this case, a hopelessly irrelevant Operator's Switchboard. I forget now why I wanted it. Maybe because it looked both shiny and technical. Today I'd probably want a DVD burner and a high-definition capture card to go with it. I stare at this photo and think, this was my youth? How old am I, a hundred and fifty? The speed of progress has been nothing less than searing. Anta and Tree(38K)
Putz(39K) This is a shot of the simple paper magic that was available for a mere dime to the generation before me: a Christmas village house, Santa included, to stick by the train under the tree. Low on technology, huge on charm.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone, and a new year that brings both comfort and joy.

Warm wishes, Antoinette


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