A Christmas Picture Book: Season Five

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And yet how can any village charm without villagers? Pre-war German tin figures (Zinnfiguren) match the scale of the houses -- the people can actually fit through the doors! -- and fairly beg someone to tell their tales. That's what I've been doing for a few years now in my continuing Christmas tale. So please, take a stroll through the village as it pays homage this year to The Winter Olympics!

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The Winter Olympics!

The village has been under stress of late. It seems that for every good thing that happens, a terrible thing happens to cancel it out. The marching-band parade was so much fun a couple of years ago, but then Mrs. Lavinia Pittman, the mayor's philanthropist wife who paid for it, put her foot down and said, "Too much money. No more." And that was that. The children were so sad. And last year the village lost one of its most beloved denizens, Papa Ted; there would be no more of his toy train displays, no more saxophone performances, that so delighted the children. Of course, the village now has a wonderful hospital, thanks again to Mrs. Pittman -- but that isn't exactly something the children look forward to seeing. Needles! Who likes needles?

No parade, no toy trains ... it was all very disappointing. But then, just when the children were convinced that nothing good would ever happen in their little village again, the mayor saved the day. Using all of his influence, and with funding supplied by his still-wealthy wife, the mayor was able to organize a winter competition in skiing and skating, the first of its kind in the region.

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