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Safe Harbor

"Another notch in a collection of compelling dramas."
--Romantic Times

SAFE HARBOR That's what Martha's Vineyard has always been for Holly Anderson, folk artist, dreamer and eternal optimist. If she could just afford to buy the house and barn she's renting, fall in love, marry the guy and then have children as sweet as her nieces, life would be pretty much perfect.

Poor Holly. She has so much to learn.

Havoc arrives on the island in the guise of stunningly beautiful Eden Walker, a gold-digging con woman who's already stolen the nest egg of an elderly couple and who promptly seduces Holly's sixty-something father while she's in hiding. Holly's mother is devastated, her sister won't deal with it, and Sam Steadman--son of the now impoverished couple and a man who has more than one reason to hunt Eden down--is furious. After a bumpy start, Sam and Holly join forces to track down the elusive Eden and reclaim both treasure and father. But hearts and minds collide, and shipwrecked emotions are strewn along the way. Will Holly and Sam ever be able to trust one another after the not-so-merry chase?

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Reviews for Antoinette Stockenberg's Safe Harbor

"Rich with laughter, love, intrigue and relationships ... fast-paced, entertaining, and touching. Definitely one to add to your list of beach-toting reads."
The Book Resort

"A complex, fast-moving plot--peopled with winning secondary characters--as well as a humorous and tender love story."

Publishers Weekly

" captivating contemporary romantic intrigue ... another triumph that will thrill [her] fans. "

Harriet Klausner

"Ms. Stockenberg is a master of relationships .... This book is fresh and exciting, and Iove the New England setting. [Her] stories only get better and better ... a fast-paced novel that will leave you feeling so darn good ... brava!"

Suzanne Coleburn
Belles and Beaux of Romance

" First and foremost, this is a romance. But it's also a story about people, relationships, situations, loss of innocence, and the good and evil that coexist in each. It draws one in with slashing dialogue and characters who are so human and flawed you know you've met them--and known them--somewhere before. A fabulous, fabulous read."

Heather Heath, reviewer
Old Book Barn Gazette

"An incomparable author who never fails to take readers to new heights with her emotional, suspense-driven romance novels. SAFE HARBOR is truly Ms. Stockenberg at her best--readers will delight in this imaginative story of love."

Marti Witherspoon
New Age Bookshelf Magazine

"SAFE HARBOR is a most entertaining contemporary romance. It has great characters, a satisfying love story, and just enough suspense to keep the story moving. It also has a delightfully drawn setting as the author brings Martha's Vineyard to life .... This woman can write."

Jean Mason
The Romance Reader

"Another notch in the growing collection of compelling dramas that Ms. Stockenberg just keeps producing. This author really knows how to tell a story!"

Jill M. Smith
Romantic Times

" Romantic suspense a la Nora Roberts mixed with a touch of humor a la Barbara Freethy ... a fast-paced rollercoaster ride of intrigue, family problems, deception and comical sleuthing ... incredible life in these characters ... amazing descriptions ... you won't want to miss this trip into what is anything but a SAFE HARBOR!"

Romance Communications online

"I read the first line and I was hooked ... a perfect summer novel with all the right inredients: passion, humor, suspense, murder, greed and all of it set in Martha's Vineyard! What could be better? Treat yourself to a cool porch and this hot read."

Pam Johnson, on-line reviewer